Thursday, January 27, 2011

I know..I know...

I know I guess I probably shouldn't be trying to skip ahead of the game, but I heard of this book on one of those knitting shows I like (I think Knit and Crochet Today or Knitting Daily), and I had to get it. I checked it out from my local library. I'm excited to write down some of the patterns from the book, and take notes on it.
That's been my goal for a while now, to actually make something I can wear. Besides a hat, I mean. Like maybe making a skirt suit or somehing like that. I love this dress that I saw on the cover of the book.
Instead of increases and decreases, the author and crocheter of this book uses graduated stitches. Maybe my first thing out of this book, would be a skirt. I think I saw it on the second page. Anyway, after the gray beret, and unless the lady that I made the gray beret for doesn't want anything else, I will start on some projects from this book. (And then maybe finish up some of those "unfinished" projects that I have).

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