Friday, September 21, 2012

Foto Friday: September 21, 2012

California is such a wonderful state.  When you just stop and look at nature all around, it’s really beautiful what God has created.  I took a picture of these hills one day.  Really nice.
I suppose it’s just like in life, I have my ups and downs.  My lows and my highs.  But isn’t it great to know that troubles don’t last always.  You may be down now, but just wait a while, and things will be back up again.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 20, 2012


I don't like the new blogger interface.  I really don't.  At least give people an option, so if they want to use it they can, and if they don't want to, they don't have to.
You know what else I don't like?  Those darn Carl's Jr.  commercials!!!!!
It's 12 o'clock midnight, so this is all I can think of right now.  I'm sleepy actually, so really these are the only things I can think of right now.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Foto Friday

Nothing really interesting happened this week. I took a few pictures of what I saw on my walk.


I drank some of this on my walk. I thought it might be healthier than a soda, but I looked on the back of the label, at the ingredients. 44 grams of sugar!!


I took a picture of this tree as I was walking. It caught my eye because the plant is growing from the rock, at least that’s what it seemed like.


Sorry I couldn’t add anything or interesting this week. It went by fast for me, not sure how yours was. Have a great weekend everybody.

Monday, September 10, 2012


Here's the link to the original article:

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - A Christian girl arrested in Pakistan for defaming Islam was granted bail on Friday, a judge said, days after police detained a Muslim cleric on suspicion of planting evidence to frame her in a case that caused an international outcry.
Masih, believed to be 14, may be in danger if she is set free and stays in Pakistan. Her arrest last month angered religious and secular groups worldwide but protests in Pakistan attracted only a handful of supporters.
In Muslim Pakistan, the mere allegation of causing offence to Islam can mean death. Those accused under an anti-blasphemy law are sometimes lynched by the public even if they are found innocent by the courts.
The girl would be reunited with her family at a location that was being kept secret for security reasons, said Robinson Asghar, an aide to Minister for National Harmony Paul Bhatti.
There were no plans to send Masih abroad, Bhatti told Reuters.
"I am really satisfied and happy," he said. "I believe justice has prevailed." Masih was accused by Muslim neighbors of burning Islamic religious texts and arrested, but police recently said a cleric had been taken into custody after witnesses reported he had torn pages from a Koran and planted them in Masih's bag beside burned papers.
In Masih's impoverished village on the edge of Islamabad, some said they were disappointed that she had not been sentenced.
"This is wrong. She burned the Koran," said resident Ijaz Sarwar near the local mosque.
Nearby, Saddam Hussein, 18, expressed sympathies for the cleric accused of framing Masih. "If she is freed, the maulvi (cleric) should be freed as well," he said.
There were conflicting accounts of how much bail would have to be paid but Masih's lawyer said it was about the equivalent of $10,000.
Activists and human rights groups say vague terminology has led to the anti-blasphemy law's misuse, and that it dangerously discriminates against tiny minority groups.
Human Rights Watch welcomed Masih's release and urged authorities to consider reforming the law.
"This child should not have been behind bars at all. All charges against her should be dropped," the international rights group said in a statement.
"Pakistan's criminal justice system should instead concentrate on holding her accuser accountable for inciting violence against the child and members of the local Christian community."
More than a million people globally have signed a petition started by Masih's father for her release.
But despite the international condemnation, many Pakistanis support the blasphemy law.
Last year, Punjab province governor Salman Taseer was shot dead by his bodyguard for suggesting the law be reformed. Lawyers hailed Taseer's killer as a hero, tossing rose petals at him after he was arrested.
Taseer had been defending a Christian woman, Asia Bibi, who was jailed on blasphemy charges. She is still in jail on death row.
Two months after Taseer's murder, Minister for Minorities Shahbaz Bhatti, a Christian, was killed by the Taliban for demanding changes to the law. Critics of Pakistan's leaders say they are too worried about an extremist backlash to speak out against the law in a nation where religious conservatism is increasingly prevalent.
Christians, who make up four percent of Pakistan's population of 180 million, have been especially concerned about the blasphemy law, saying it offers them no protection.
Convictions hinge on witness testimony and are often linked to vendettas, they complain.
In 2009, 40 houses and a church were set ablaze by a mob of 1,000 Muslims in the town of Gojra, in Punjab province. At least seven Christians were burnt to death. The attacks were triggered by reports of the desecration of the Koran.
Two Christian brothers accused of writing a blasphemous letter against the Prophet Mohammad were gunned down outside a court in the eastern city of Faisalabad in July of 2010.
Father, In Jesus' name, Lord I pray for the young lady who was jailed for her beleif in you. Lord, I pray for all Christians, all over the world, that you would put laws in place, to let all of us serve you freely, without worry of reprisal, or jail, or even death. Lord, I pray that you forgive me for not appreciating Your Word as I should. Please forgive me for taking it for granted that I can pray in a restaurant, that I can sing a Christian hymn out in public, and that I can carry my bible openly without any fear. I pray Lord that you would help me to appreciate the freedom that I have here in this United States of America. I pray Lord that you would help me to treasure Your Word, and help me to treasure my freedom as a Christian. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Foto Friday

Hey Everybody! How are you? I hope each and every one of you had an interesting but peaceful week. Here’s how my week went:

missing teeth

I went to the dentist. It was an extraction.

Sad smile

I can’t even tell you how badly I did not want to go to the dentist, but it’s one of those things where you have to do it. You don’t want to do it but it has to get done. The funny thing is, the worst part was the shots. Had to have two shots, then when my mouth was numb, the dentist seemed to just tap my tooth twice, and it came out. There’s been times I’ve went to the dentist, and they are just pulling and tugging on that stubborn tooth, but this time around was much easier. And I’m glad about that.



Did some walking this week. I hate to see trash everywhere. I mean, I’m not an environmentalist, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but unfortunately, in my neighborhood, people around here have no problems at all with leaving old mattresses, old clothes, used diapers, etc. just out right on the sidewalk. This trash was behind the fence, but still. It’s as if the people on the other side of the fence just threw their garbage, and said, “Oh well, let somebody else deal with it”. I hate that.



Ahhhh….good ol’ public transportation. Was on the bus a lot this week. There are some good points and some bad points to not having your own vehicle. But all in all, this week wasn’t that bad. There are some days I’ve gotten on the bus though, and I couldn’t wait to get off and be in the comfort of my own home. Safe from rude and bad kids, and guys trying to hit on me.

Eye rolling smile

I’m glad I can say this week wasn’t like that.



Last but not least. A picture of this nice magnolia tree in my complex. It’s really pretty especially when the flowers are blooming. They are so beautiful and big. I sit under it when I’m waiting for my ride to pick me up.


That was my week in review. I pray that you all have a blessed weekend and make sure to relax and rest up for the week.

Open-mouthed smile

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cast Cover Z!

As I mentioned in my "About Me" page, I have Osteogenesis Imperfecta, so every once in a while, I will post articles about the disease. Some may be encouraging, some inspirational, and some educational. Thank You!
Here's the link to see the full story and video of this article:
"Aha!" momentscan sometimes come as a flash. Mine, came more as a 'snap.'
In the fall of
2008, my then 10-year old daughter broke her humerus, the large bone in the
upper arm (and no, it was NOT humer-ous at all!). Believe it or not, this was my
daughter's SIXTH broken bone, and my heart just went out to her. Tests confirmed
she did not have Brittle Bone disease -- she was just one of those kids (we all
knew one growing up… Now I was raising one!). Elli, meanwhile, was miserable.
Once again, her body had betrayed her and as a Mom, I wanted nothing more than
to help her feel better.
My daughter had
been complaining about her cast scratching her and snagging on things so I took
out my 30-year old sewing machine and whipped up a simple cover for it, and a
matching sling. It worked so well, I made a more colorful version. And, inspired
by Halloween coming up, I then made another set. Elli was starting to get quite
a few compliments at school and suddenly it hit me - this was a business!
With my
background in sales and marketing, I immediately researched it and found nothing
similar in the market. Our accidental creation, CastCoverZ!, was born. Our
mission was simple: to provide fun and functional
that comfort orthopedic patients.

At first, our
business was fraught with challenges. My original business partner and I split
shortly after launching; our first large manufacturing order (nearly 1,000
units) was assembled with the wrong elastic and had to be re-done; and, most
devastatingly, just nine months into our business, I was diagnosed with a rare
form of breast cancer - less than one half of one percent of cancers are this
one. So much, lost, all at once.
Cancer forced
me to put on the brakes. I wanted to spend what little energy I had with my
family, and that meant putting
CastCoverZ! on the back burner while I focused
after a year and a half, I came through my illness cancer-free. My family calls
it strength, but I believe it was a stubbornness not to let my business fail,
and a desire to be with my kids that got me through. When I was feeling better,
I sat my family down and said, "Okay guys, I'm ready to kick this thing into
overdrive." And I did. In three short years, our business has grown
exponentially. I now have a team of four people, and our headquarters has
spilled into a converted garage on our property.
CastCoverZ! truly is a family business. My daughter inspired it,
my son named it, my husband financed it, and I work it! And even though Rick
still maintains his career in commercial real estate, he's picked up the slack
in more ways than one: he drives the kids to and from school and helps around
the house -- AND, since the morning I ran into his office overwhelmed and
begging for help, he now spends a couple of hours a day fulfilling orders and
making runs to the post office for me. Soon, my 16-year old son will take over
Rick's duties as part of his summer job. In our marriage, sharing
responsibilities like this allows us to play to our strengths; Rick knows my
time is better spent growing the business -- and I know he definitely makes
better fish tacos!
Whether casted,
booted, splinted, braced or bandaged, I ensure CastCoverZ! always strives to
help our customers solve their biggest orthopedic challenges. And my clients
trust that I know what those are, being a mom of one of the most accident-prone
kids on the planet!
Elli, bless her
heart, is now 14, and since getting the idea for the business, has suffered two
additional fractures. I've told her I'm grateful for the inspiration, but I've
gotten all the ideas I need- she can stop breaking her bones now!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Thank You Lord


Lord, thank you for another day,
Within this life of mine.
Give me the strength to live it well,
Whatever I may find.
Bestow Your abundance,
Whatever I may lack,
To use the hours wisely,
For I cannot have them back.
Lord, thank You for another day,
In which to make amends
For little slights or petty words,
Inflicted on my friends.
For sometimes losing patience,
With problems that I find,
For seeing faults in other's lives,
But not the ones in mine.
Lord, thank you for another chance,
In which to try to be,
A little more deserving
Of the gifts You've given me.
For yesterday is over,
And tomorrow's far away.
And I remain committed,
To the good I do today!