Friday, July 13, 2012

Crochet: Baby Sweater

These pictures are kind of backwards. The one at the bottom is supposed to be at the top. That's how the baby sweater started out. I like this pattern alot. It starts from the shoulder and neckline and works it's way down. I would like to take this pattern one day and try and make a sweater for myself. I think I could do it.
And of course, I didn't finish the sweater in time, but the mom of the baby really liked it. I was surprised though, when I put it up against the baby, it was too big. The baby was only 2 weeks old, so maybe I didn't gauge it right. Oh well. Good thing a baby can grow into stuff.
(Oh and I did get that tangled yarn at the top free. It took some time though, but I was finally able to work through it).