Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Crochet: Beret

Beret, beret, beret.
I have about three different patterns for a crochet beret. I'm beginning to understand the main idea of a beret is that you need to keep it flat, until it's at the size that you want it, and then you can decrease. I followed from a video I saw on YouTube, but I think I did something wrong, because they started decreasing, and I was nowhere near to where I wanted the hat to be as far as circumference wise. So I'm thinking I might have to try and figure it myself, as to how to keep going until I am ready to decrease. I think I want this beret to be about 12 inches from one side to another, then I will start decreasing.

I would say it's about 7 inches at the present moment. Still a ways to go. I started a beret a while ago, I can't remember when. I don't like the way my first crochet beret turned out, and also, I could never fix it so that it would stop getting wavy.

Here's a link to my other "berets", that I tried to finish but never quite got around to it. First Beret Pic and Second Beret Pic.

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