Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Knitting: First Ribbed/Ribbing Scarf

Here goes another new one. I finally got. Purling. I had to watch the video a few times. The DVD was called the ART of Knitting. It was about five years old, but it helped alot. I needed the visual part to understand. I like the way it looks though. The only problem is, that it will probably take me another six months to finish this one. :) Oh well. Better late than never.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Knitting: Knit Scarf Finished

I finally finished knitting this scarf. Finally! It's really nice though. The yarn is thin. I wasn't sure if I would be able to do it, but it worked out fine. I am so used to working on chunky yarn and knitting needles that are alot thicker. Like size 15-16. But this scarf turned out well. It took such a long time though, because it's so hard for me to find the time. I try and put in some time here and there. 15 minutes here....10 minutes there. Honestly it took me like at least 6 months. Oh well. Maybe for my next scarf I might do that one a little faster. I'm using the same type of yarn, same color and everything, but this time I am trying to learn to do some ribbing. That's like, knit one, purl one. I have a video for it. But I am going to have to watch it again, I'm confused as to where you are supposed to put your working yarn when you are purling. Anyway, I'm going to put up some pictures of the scarf I just finished. Wooohoooo!!!!!