Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Crochet: Beret Finished

Here I am measuring the beret. I wanted to get it to 12 inches across, from one side to the other. I didn't get it that long, maybe about 11 inches. But that's okay, because the person I made this for, loved it.
I was able to keep the beret flat through the whole thing. Woohoo! It didn't get too wavy or start to bowl up too much. I think I had to unravel it one time, and that was it.

Here's my very first beret that I tried to do. As you can see it's so wavy. I never was able to figure out how to fix it.
Here's the two of my berets together. The one with the blue/green yarn coming out of it is the new one, the finished one.
Tada!!!!! Finished beret. Mary is modeling it for me. I did it!!!!

This is part of the new beret. I couldn't figure out how to move this picture to the top, so it's out of sequence, but this is where the beret is starting to bowl up a little bit. I think around this time, is when I started the decreasing.

So I did mess up a little bit, but I don't know where. My beret didn't go exactly the way the instructions said, but I think it looks alot better than what I had tried to do on my own.

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