Monday, March 25, 2013

The Fall Of Woman

pig and lady
Just  something I noticed lately, is it me, or are most women being portrayed as whores, sluts, and/or tramps.  I get the gist of commercials.  The majority of them are just trying to sell something.  I get that.  But the way some of them are going about doing it, me personally, I don’t find it funny.  For example, the Geico commercials.  A gecko first…and now a pig.
I couldn’t find the picture that I wanted for this commercial.  Where there’s a young lady in the commercial who starts eyeing the gecko in this wedding scene.  Flirting I guess you would want to say.  Flirting with a gecko?  Really?
Here’s a commercial from Skittles.  A woman kissing a walrus.  I didn’t want to post the picture where they are kissing.  I thought it was gross.  Now I know, I know.  Some people may think I’m too much of a prude or a stick in the mud, and maybe I am.  I don’t care. 
Here’s one from way back in the 80’s.  Remember this movie.  Howard the Duck.  It seems to be that what these advertisers and movies are trying to tell you is that women will get with anybody, or in these cases “anything”. Gross.  That women have their legs open for anything.  That’s not funny to me. 
When did the fall of women really happen? Years ago, when music videos first began, and there was half naked women on the screen, a video vixen?  When they first started to make bathing suits more revealing?  When a woman decided she was going to pose nude for pictures or for videos?  Who knows, really.  I don’t. 
I just find a lot of things out there to be unsettling.  And what makes it even sadder, is that a lot of people don’t care about some of the things that are in commercials and television and movies.  It’s business as usual, and nobody is concerned.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Don’t Worry

I live in a place that I hate.  I wish desperately that I had never moved here.  I can’t wait to get out, and I hope after leaving I never see this lady that I am renting from ever again.  With all that being said, you might ask, “Why don’t you move”?  I believe God wants me to wait.  Frustrating, yes!  Hard, kind of.  I’ve been a Christian for about nine years now, and I have come to trust the Lord.  I didn’t say that I liked everything that I believe He has told me.  And honestly, I don’t want to wait, but I believe that’s what God wants me to do.  Obeying God, no matter how I really feel about it, usually turns out for the best. 
In other news, the baby things I have been crocheting aren’t done.  I made the hat and the sweater too small.  I don’t know what I was thinking, the instructions called for a size “G” hook, and I used a size “C”.  I don’t know why I didn’t realize this makes a big difference.  *Sigh*  I’m working on a hat at the moment, and hope I can whip up some baby minutes by Saturday and finish the hat tonight.  I’ll try and post pictures when I can, just so gosh darn busy.
Have a blessed week everybody!  Don’t forget Jesus Loves you and don’t worry!