Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Busy Baby

This is my next project.  Someone at church is pregnant.  I’m not sure when they are due, but I was asking them if there is something I can make for the baby.  What color should I get.  She mentioned blue, so here it is.  I’m not sure how many items I can really get out of this yarn, I’m hoping a hat, sweater, and booties.  That’s my hope, but we’ll see. 
Been also very busy trying to add more things to my shop.  I just completed this cute little amigurumi bunny head
blue bunny head2
And before this I was making a custom order.  She wanted 10 red heart shaped coffee cozies made out of wool.  It took some time, but I finally completed that.  And she loved them.  Woohooo!
So, like I mentioned, my next projects are the baby stuff.  Maybe some more bunny heads.  A few more coffee cozies.  When I get a chance.  And some heart shaped and flower shaped pink appliques.  Too much?  LOL
I don’t know what it is about crocheting, I almost always have more than one project going at a time.  Oh well.  It keeps me busy.  I’ll try and make sure to share my pictures with you as I finish each project.  I wanted to share the picture of the coffee cozies I finished for my customer, but I was so happy just to be done with them, I forgot to take the pictures.
And I can't share the pattern for the bunny head unfortunately.  The owner of this pattern asks that the pattern not be shared or reproduced in any way.  The item finished for the pattern, it's okay to share that or sell it or do whatever you want with it, she just doesn't want the pattern to be shared or given out. 


the bookworm said...

Whenever I hear someone is having a baby, it inspires me to crochet! I just love the baby yarn.
The bunny head is cute :) Happy crocheting!

Z said...

- Bookworm -

Thank You!

I need to start now. She's due in a couple of months.