Thursday, March 1, 2012

Crochet: Fingerless Gloves

I made this. I'm still surprised. The only thing is when I crochet this, I seem to have more stitches on it, than the video said you are supposed to have. When I connected new yarn to the cuff to start working on the palm of the glove, somehow I messed up, and added more stitches than what I was supposed to. But either way, you can pretty much tell what this is, right? (I mean if I hadn't of written it in the title and labeled it, right?)
I just have to finish the fingers part, and I'm all done. :D


Cecelia Dowdy said...

Until you finish the fingers (I'm assuming they'll be partial sacks for the digits) I wouldn't have known it to be a fingerless glove. Not sure what I would've thought it was, but, then again, I'm not a knitter!

Are the fingers going to be enclosed, or will there be tips open at the top? I've seen gloves with some of the fingertips exposed but do not see this too often.

I hope you have a blessed day.

Z of ZKNITZ said...

Yeah, the tips will be open at the top.

I asked one of the young people at church if fingerless gloves are in style, they couldn't give me a definite answer.

So maybe I will make these fingerless, but other pairs I can try and make them regular gloves.

Thanks for the comment.