Saturday, June 4, 2011

Knitting: Socks

I took two different pictures of the same yarn just to see which one you would let you really see the true color of the yarn.
So I'm going to try and knit socks. I haven't found any really good knitting socks videos on YouTube. Just one so far. We'll see how this one turns out.


Caroline said...

I love knitting socks. I can't remember my first pair, but I do remember that a lot of my first tries involved knitting socks that were way too big. I still have a little trouble with that. Of course, if I would actually get my gauge like you're supposed to, I wouldn't have that trouble;) Good luck! Your yarn looks pretty.

Z of ZKNITZ said...

- Caroline -

Thank You!

I'm excited. I know there's something in knitting socks called "turn the heel". I hope I get that part right..and more importantly, that I find the right video to watch to help me out.

Mr. Puffy said...

Beware! Knitting socks is addictive :)

Turning the heel is not as complicated as it sounds so don't over think it. You are simply stopping knitting before the end of the row and then turning to knit back in the opposite direction AS IF you had finished knitting the row. Rather like "short row" shaping is done. Good luck!!!!

Z of ZKNITZ said...

- Mr. Puffy -

Thanks for the warning, but what's so frustrating right now, is that I haven't even been able to start my first row.

I know I can do it because I have done this before, so I'm not sure why I am stuck on connecting...but for some reason I am stuck.

And thanks for the instructions as well. I am definately come back to this post when I am at that "turning the heel" part.

zoe said...

I want to see your progress on this pair of socks. I would like to start knitting some too, but right now I feel intimidated.

Z of ZKNITZ said...

- Zoe -

I know exactly what you mean.

When I get past the "tube" part of the sock, I won't say I'll be lost because there are some really good knitting sock videos on YouTube.

Well, to be honest, I only know of one, but if I get on Facebook and start begging and pleading for somebody to help me find a really good knitting socks video, somebody has got to take pity on me and help me out.


I will definately keep you up to date with my progress.