Thursday, June 23, 2011

Crochet: Slouchy Beret Finished?

So here's my slouchy beret that I finished.
The thing is, it looks just like a regular beret to me. Kind of.
When I think of a slouchy beret, there is a certain kind of look that I think of.
And what I have done, doesn't really look it. I had posted this type of question on my facebook page, and I got some really good suggestions on what my problem is. Well, not really problem, it's just that I am a tight knitter and a tight crocheter. Someone suggested that I crochet with a larger needle, when I'm trying to get a looser look. Since, I could just tell, as I was crocheting, that mine wasn't turning out the way that I thought it should.
Here's some pictures of what I think a slouchy beret should look like:

I can't even tell you why I think these look it, and mine doesn't. I can't even describe it. It's like when is a beret a slouchy beret, and when is a slouchy beret a rasta hat. Now a tam, I can describe. It's not slouchy and it's not even beret-like. It's just kind of sits on the head, like a round box.
Anyway, my next thoughts are, should I add a rose to this slouchy beret or not?


knittingdragonflies said...

Dang it! I love this!! This is just what I need!
I'm off to look for some yarn in my stash!
Great job!

Z of ZKNITZ said...

- DragonFlies -

Thank You!