Tuesday, December 18, 2012

All That Glitters Ain’t Gold

So I bought this thread at Michael’s a few weeks back.  Thinking that I can use this to add some sparkle and glitter to my yarn.  Oh my goodness, what a headache, honestly.  I’m not writing this to put down this particular product, just maybe as I type this and somebody reads this, maybe you can tell me what I’m doing wrong.  This thread is so hard to work with, as far as adding it into my crocheting.  If anybody has any ideas on ways to help me that would be great.
I really like the color of this thread and the way it sparkles, and I will be posting again to show what I had used some of this thread for, so you can see my work.  But my goodness, this is hard to work with.
Any suggestions and other ideas would be appreciated.  Thanks!


zippiknits said...

Z, I think that thread is sort of stiff and inflexible, right? If so, that means it won't stretch at all like the yarn you are holding it with.

If it is, I can't think of any way of working with it to fix that problem, though.

Good luck with your problem, and I hope you get better answers. Maybe contacting the manufacturer for suggestion might help.

Z said...

- Zippi -

Yes, it is very stiff.

I'm still going to keep it and just work it into the yarn I'm using.

It'll just have to be one of those lessons learned, that not all thread is crochet thread.

Thanks for trying to help me out though.