Friday, August 31, 2012

Foto Friday

Here’s my week in review:


My mom had moved and she got rid of a bunch of things. Knick knacks and stuff. I was very proud of her, because I know sometimes, for whatever reason, it’s hard for my mom, and not just my mom, but people in general, to let go of some things. Even though we know we brought nothing into this world and we can’t take anything out. She also got rid of a bunch of dolls. Thankfully, I had this doll, that I borrowed from her about a year ago. I forgot to give it back to her, and now I’m kind of glad I had. It might have been given away, in my mom’s quest to de-clutter her home. I think she’s just too cute.



Speaking of de-cluttering. As my mom was getting rid of things and organizing, so was I. I put all my memories, old photos, old diaries, old dream books, old school reports…...just whatever is old and had some memory to me, went in here. And wouldn’t you know it, it wasn’t enough. How embarrassing. I had two other smaller boxes on top of this, that can also close tightly. Thank goodness. It’s amazing how much things can accumulate in a lifetime. Hey, I’m all for sentiment, don’t get me wrong, it just baffled my mind on how much stuff I had.



*Sigh*. I got through with this pile. But then this pile, got down to a smaller pile of things I have to file away. It’s getting there slowly but surely..or is it surely but slowly. Either way, it’s going down.


That was my week. Organizing. Cleaning. Throwing things away. Keeping things that are important. Some times though, this is a lifelong thing. Not just with paper, clutter, and material things. But even evaluating and re-evaluating old friendships. Are these people a drain or a help to me? Evaluating things that we give our time to. Is this helping people or am I just doing something to be doing it? Is this edifying to my spirit? Am I really getting something out of this, or am I just doing this to please people?


Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Labor Day. I know I will. I’m going on Staycation. And I’m going to love every minute of it.

Open-mouthed smile


zippiknits said...

Staycations can be very fun. Glad you were liking yours.

The little doll is adorable. Good thing you kept her! My grandmother made dolls for my two older daughters but, sadly, they are lost or worn out. I would never have tossed them, so they must have been lost.

Z said...

- Zippi -

Yeah staycation's can be fun.

And I do like the little doll too. I'm all for de-cluttering, but some things can stay. A handmade doll, and things. Stuff you can't always find in a store.

knittingdragonflies said...

Love the little doll. Glad you kept her. I agree, I'm constantly battling with clutter in my house. Seeking that cleaner, peaceful feeling. Once I start decluttering it feels so good it is easy to keep going. *grin*

Z said...

- Vicki -

It is a battle, but I'm going to win. :D

Once I see some progress and not so much clutter, that makes me want to do more.

But it's just the beginning of when I first start to clean up, it doesn't look like much has been done. For whatever reason, when I start cleaning up, it seems to get real messy first, before it get's clean.


Cecelia Dowdy said...

Z, it's always a good idea to organize our clutter. Actually, if I did that more often, my home wouldn't be so full of junk.

~Cecelia Dowdy~\blog

Z said...

- Cecelia -

It happens to the best of us. My thinking is that if I just stay on top of it, clutter won't get out of hand and then I won't have this big old mountain to deal with. (That's the worst, when I have a big old mountain of paper, pile, and clutter, and junk).