Friday, May 13, 2011

Computer Advice

So, I just wanted to share some computer advice for anybody out there who is listening. Here's my story:

About a couple of weeks ago, I was surfing through the internet, and looking at some clip art images, when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, my computer tells me I have a virus and it needs to remove it. So I'm thinking, yeah, that's a good thing, remove it. But I think that was the virus, because, after that, I couldn't connect to the internet anymore. It was stuck. So I turned my computer off, and I have this thing from BestBuy where I can call these people, called the Geek Squad to get help with any computer related problems. I talk to somebody there and they tell me to bring it in and it will cost about $70 to get it fixed. I was also advised to just keep it turned off, because I didn't want to cause any more problems with the computer. So I did that. So I waited because I wasn't able to get my computer to BestBuy until yesterday. When it was finally brought to BestBuy, they said there was no such price as $70 to get the computer fixed, that it would cost about $200. $200!!!!!!! This computer only cost about $500! Anyway, we didn't pay $200. We did a little searching around on this computer and figured out that we could restore the computer to a later date, a date before the computer got infected. For free. Free!! So anyway, the moral or lesson of the story is, please before you think about coughing up $200 or $300 dollars to get your computer fixed, find a friend, a family member, or somebody online like maybe one of those websites that let you ask questions, before you waste that money when you can save that money and pay a bill.

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