Monday, February 7, 2011

Crochet: Fixing Beret

So I decided to just undo my work and try and fix it that way. The gray one was about an inch bigger. As you can see from the picture above.
So, here are the berets together. She wanted the second beret (the gray one) to be exactly like the first one. The one thing that I am realizing is that I have to be aware of the yarn that I use with each project, especially if I am making things for somebody. Because if they are asking for the exact same size each time, for whatever I make, not just hats, I am going to have to make sure to get yarn in the exact same yarn weight or size, I guess you could say.

So here the berets are, the pink one is underneath. I hope she likes it this time.


Olga said...

I undo my crocheted and knitted works very often. In fact, almost every time I make something. So I know what it feels like ;-(
These berets are very pretty. I've never crocheted a beret, but one day I will. I think it will be a fun project.

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment.

Z of ZKNITZ said...

- Olga -

I'm glad you liked my berets.

I guess undoing my work is sometthing I am going to have to get used to and get over, basically.

Probably the more I have to do it, the easier it will be to get over it.

You're welcome for the comment. You are one of the blogs that I follow, so it was my pleasure.

Have a great day!

zippiknits said...

The berets are both lovely. I'd never thought of making one in crochet, though it makes perfect sense to do it that way. And, yes, you do have to pay close attention to yarn types and weights, whether knitting or crocheting.

Thanks for your comment on the raggedy socks. This is the first scrappy sock I've made so I'm learning more from it than from the others. I'm "frogging" a lot on these, believe me, so I know how you felt with the beret.

Z of ZKNITZ said...

- Zippi -

You're welcome for the comment.

I'm kind of new to this whole knitting and crocheting thing, so I'm not sure what "frogging" means. I'm assuming it means to redo something but I could be wrong.

Take care